Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture is not cheap or easy to store.  Extend the life of your furniture and free up space in your house by having our experienced technicians protect your investment.

The process starts by identifying all items that need to be protected; tables, chairs, umbrellas, cushions, flower pots, grille and any other items you don’t want to drag into the basement or garage.  We will lay out a sheet of shrink wrap, carefully nest all items, pull the wrap up and around then seal it all off.  Preventing animals, snow, ice, sunlight and dirt from collecting on your furniture.

Pricing is based on a formula that measures the linear footage of the wrap touching the ground, and the width of the wrap used (determined by the size of the nested furniture).  While this sounds complicated, it’s the most accurate way to ensure you do not overpay and we do not undercharge.  Everybody’s furniture is different.  For a custom quote please send some pictures to

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