Boat Lift Wheel and Adjustment Jack Kit

Perfect product for boat hoist installation, removal and adjustment.  Set it and forget it!


Smarte JackTM: Boat Lift Wheel Kit

Our wheel kit makes moving your boat lift easy

United States Patent Number 8596906

Canadian Patent Number  2787879

Smarte JackTM makes moving your boat lift easy and quick. With this retractable wheel kit, efficiently move your boat lift or dock by yourself.

Smarte JackTM is the perfect solution for boat owners and dock installers because it makes boat lifts easy to move and to level. Attachable wheels make your boat lift light and mobile. If you want to level the lift, all you need is a wrench or cordless drill: Smarte JackTM moves up and down 20 inches.

Smarte JackTM makes a tough, multi-person job quick and efficient.

SmartejackTM Features: The best part about SmartejackTM It’s set it and forget it. Once you attach SmartejackTM to your boat lift, you don’t have to remove it unless you want to. Is made from aluminum‧ Fits on most boat lifts Is a one-time, easy install Uses heavy duty plastic wheels Is easy to level: adjusts up and down 20” Adjusts with wrench or cordless drill Rolls easily on all terrains 700 lb Capacity per Smarte Jack Fits 1 7/8″ and 2″ Wheels Hubs[/box] ore lifts in the water (and make more money).

Wheels not included

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 8 in