The RECYCLING RUN has been the official collection program for boat covers in Michigan for over 10 years and we invite you to join marinas, boat dealers, and individuals across the state in participating.

  • Looks great on a Clean Marina application or recertification.
  • Keeps the Great Lakes clean and waste free.
  • Recycling marine film fuels the circular economy of Michigan. Recycled plastics from this program are used by manufacturer, TREX decking, giving your used plastic a new life as composite decking.


• For every bag recycled, there is a savings of 115 Kwh of energy, 13.5 gallons of oil, and 16-20 cubic ft. of landfill space.

• Your business can save money in disposal fees associated with dumpster rental, landfill fees, and hauling.


• Buy your EZ Fill Recycle Run bags at

• Each bag comes with a zip tie to seal the bag, along with instructions on how to register and remove your boat covers. Bags are industrial size and can hold covers from up to a 32’ boat or approximately 850 square feet of plastic.

• When you buy your recycling bag for $7.00/bag, it is a one-time fee that covers pick-up, haul-away, and processing directly from your business.

• Locations in the Upper Peninsula must meet a 70 bag minimum.

• For direct Pick-Up of your boat covers you must register for a minimum of 15 bags.

• Bags carry over from year to year so if you have left over bags from a previous year, please use them this year to bundle your boat covers.

• Keep Boat Covers Clean, Dry, and Condensed • All Registrations are due on June 1, 2022


• If registering with less than 5 boat covers, you may call Dr. Shrink directly and get reduced shipping fee through US Mail.

• Once your material is prepared and you are registered, we will provide drop-off locations for the boat covers. Drop-off location addresses will also be added to the MRC website as we receive registrations.

For comments, questions and all inquiries contact
Katie Fournier Phone: 989-780-7456, Email: